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pledge allegiance to the struggle.

Jun. 10th, 2014 | 12:00 pm
mood: peacefulpeaceful

Well, it's certainly been awhile since I posted. I definitely wasn't in a good place the last few posts. I am happy to say that things have taken a turn for the better! Caleb and I are doing so much better. I'm no longer at Taco Bell, instead I got my job back at Subway! Which I am really excited about because I just got offered assistant manager! About time I get a manager position, considering how long I've been in the fast food business! I have also recently started online classes at Ashford University. Working towards my Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Science! WOOOO! The next 4 years might by a struggle but I am going to work hard and achieve my goal. Then I can finally say I have a great paying job that I actually enjoy! We have also moved to a new hour on Oak street. I really love it here. Life has done a complete 180 on me, and honestly I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. I hope the positive vibes just keep coming and I can stay in this serene, peaceful state of mind!

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ava lou!

Jul. 25th, 2010 | 09:26 pm

How old were you when you got pregnant? 17

How old was the dad? 17

How did you find out? late period

Who was the first person you told? donnys mom

How did the parents react? shocked, but supportive

Did you have morning sickness? nope

Any problems when you were pregnant? not at all

Did you find out what you were having? yes

What was it? girl!

What was the chosen name for a boy? undecided, we couldn't agree on one lol.

For a girl? ava or charlotte, we went with ava

Did the baby have any problems? no

How much weight did you gain? 50 pounds

Did you consider abortion? no

Adoption? kind of

What were your first symptoms of pregnancy? nothing really, just a late period and weight gain

Did your boobs get HUGE? just a cup size bigger

Were you miserable at the end? not really


When did you first notice contractions? day and a half before she was born

How far apart were they? 4 minutes before my water broke

Were they painful? yes.

When did you go to the hospital? 3am on june 30th

Did you ever get sent home? yes

How far were you when you got admitted to the hospital? 6 centimeters

How long were you in labor before you had your baby? 6 hours after i got to the hospital

Did you get an epidural? hell yes

Did you have a C-section? nope

Did you hold the baby first? yeah

How much did the baby weigh? 7lbs 4oz

How long was the baby? 21 inches.

What was the baby's birthday? july 1, 2010

When was your due date? june 30, 2010

What time was the baby born? 5:56am

How far along were you when you had the baby? 40 weeks

What hospital did you give birth at? shelby hospital

Who delivered the baby? Dr. paik

What was the baby's name? ava lou

Did you decide the name before or wait to see the baby? before

Was there any problems with the baby? no

How did you feel afterwards?

When did you leave the hospital?
july 3rd

Was your baby jaundiced? no

Did you tear when you had the baby? yes

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secrets don't make friends.

Feb. 11th, 2010 | 02:13 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

but in this case, they're gonna have to lol.

i'm making a good majority of my posts friends only. so if you want to be friends, drop me a comment. :)

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stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Dec. 16th, 2009 | 02:07 pm
mood: boredbored

Name: charity
Single or taken: taken :)
Sex: female
Birthday: march 30
Sign: aries
Siblings: an older and younger sister
Hair color: currently black
Eye color: greeen
Height: 5'9''

Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: straight
Who are your best friends?: my boyfriend
What is your longest relationship?: a little over a year and still going strong :)

F A S H I O N | S T U F F
Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes: anywhere!
Any tattoos or piercings: nose, i want my eyebrow done soon
What is your most comfortable outfit?: sweats and a band t
What do you usually wear?: clothes

Do you do drugs? yeah
What kind of shampoo do you use?: whatever is in the shower
What are you most scared of?: being alone
What are you listening to right now: nothing
Who is the last person that you called?: my mom
Who is the last person that called you?: idk
Where do you want to get married?: idk if i want to get married
What would you change about yourself?: my indecisiveness

Colors: blue, green and purple
Foods: italian and chinese
Movies: waaay too many
Animals: cats

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R
Given anyone a bath?: maybe
Smoked?: everyday
Bungee jumped?: nope
Made yourself throw up?: yeah
Skinny dipped?: mhm
Ever been in love?: currently :)
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: i don't think so
Pictured your crush naked?: he's more than a crush, and i don't need to picture anything lol
Actually seen your crush naked?: yep
Cried when someone died?: yeah
Lied: who hasn't?
Fallen for your best friend?: no
Rejected someone?: yeah
Used someone?: probably
Done something you regret?: of course

Clothes: black dress pants and a purple v-neck
Music: nothing
Annoyance: slutty girls
CD in player: more than likely sublime
DVD in player: requiem for a dream

L A S T | P E R S O N
You left a message for: danielle
You texted: danielle
You cuddled with: donny
You kissed: donny

A R E | Y O U
Understanding: for the most part
Open-minded: very
Arrogant: not really
Persistant: yep
Insecure: yeah
Hungry: always
Smart: i like to think so
Moody: i'm a girl, what do you think?
Hard working: eh, depends
Resilient: depends
Organized: sometimes
Healthy: not at all
Difficult: i can be
Bored easily: for sure
Obsessed: no
Angry: not right now
Sad: not right now
Happy: yes
Hyper: yeah
Trusting: not so much anymore

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bellies are full.

Nov. 26th, 2009 | 08:42 pm
mood: fullfull

happy thanksgiving!

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